10 nasty office personalities you have to admit you can’t ignore(Although you want to)!

Offices are full of people and all of them might just end up being mean to you, it’s better to analyse a few basic nasty ones and stay safe! Which of the following office characters are in your office? Or are you one of them? :p

1. The Passive Aggressor

Post-it notes everywhere

They never complain openly but they can’t resist mentioning how much work they do as compared to you. Sometimes they also leave weird post-it notes asking for compliance in their ridiculous requests like “Please re-fill the coffee pot when it’s empty”! Gosh!


2. The Backstabber


This person pretends to be your friend just long enough to make it really hurt when they steal your ideas or badmouth you to management. They watch your every move!

3. The Chatterbox

Stop Talking

The entire office avoids this person like the plague! As soon as they open their mouth, you know you’re going to be tortures with a boring story. Sometimes you just feel like yelling “CAN YOU PLEASE STOP TALKING!”


4. The Delegator

Delegating is Exhausting

This person constantly delegates work to other people and never actually does any work on his/her own! Their walk around the office is like a drive-by to fling a folder onto your desk with a prompt ‘Report back at 3 pm”! Sometimes they feel that delegating work to people is also a lot of work!


5. The Workaholic

The Workaholic

They’re usually not very nasty unless they are boisterous and look down on the other NORMAL coworkers who actually have a life. They tend to be aggressive, independent, ambitious, volatile and rigid. They are the first one to enter the office and the last to leave!


6. The Noise Maker

So much noise!

This person is oblivious to how they are infuriating everyone else around them. They make noise with their whistling, humming, singing, knuckle cracking and whatnot!


7. The Stuck on Schedule Guy

Lets schedule


More Scheduling!

They would love to have meetings and appointments all day, every day! It’s really their favorite activity, so much so that it makes you wonder whethe he does the same with ‘dinner meeting’ for meals and ‘bedtime story appointments’ with his kids!


8. The Gossiper


This person lives for the latest office scandal, whether it’s actually true or not. They can discuss anything with anyone be it someone’s eating habits, salary differentials, who’s about to be fired… You get the point don’t you?


9. The Overly Ambitious Summer Intern

Overly Ambitious Intern

They seem great at first, but now they’re popping over your shoulder evry second! They are more headache than help and you’re counting down the days until they have to go back to college!


10. The Downer!

The Downer

They do nothing but complain about co-workers, their workload, the management and corporate policies. They have worked here for years and probably will never, ever leave.


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